If I had as many grandchildren as you…. In Stewart’s debut picture book, a grandparent’s dilemma about how to spend time with “a gaggle of grandchildren” is answered in rhyme by a wise old lion, backed by colorful photographs that illustrate his wide-ranging advice. Lounging in a backyard vegetable garden, Grand Paws, a lion in a baseball cap, tells his human counterpart what he would do “if I had as many grandchildren as you”: take them to the beach to make sand castles, fly with them on an imaginary trip around the world (via a giant unicorn made of driftwood) and help them make costumes for a wild animal parade “through the poppy fields up to the trees / Where grandkids could sing just as loud as they please!” He would read them stories “and teach them to fish / And give them all stars upon which they could wish.” After a rooftop feast of popovers and pink lemonade, “We’d race around chasing big dreams and small bugs / Then gather around for a round of group hugs!” Creativity, imagination, sharing and caring are Stewart’s overall cross-generational themes, and she conveys them nicely through lively verse and a collection of vivid photographs that color each facing page. Stewart’s rhyming couplets gallop along, begging to be read aloud and easily holding young readers’ attention. And while some of the photos have a generic or amateurish feel, they effectively illustrate the wide world of wonder and possibilities suggested by the book, and simple captions beneath some photos set Grand Paws’ advice into a real-world context. Particularly captivating are the images of portaledges (hanging tents) and a flash of green as the sun dips below the horizon.  A photo-rich picture book that engagingly suggests a myriad of fun activities brought to life by Stewart’s bouncy, heartfelt verse.
—Kirkus Reviews

If I Had As Many Grandchildren As You… is a rhyming children’s picture book in which Grand Paws, a wise lion of many years, gives valuable advice to a grandparent about the wonders of the world and adventurous activities to share with grandchildren. “I’d hang presents and popcorn and candy from trees, / so grandkids could pick them whenever they please! / We’d race around chasing big dreams and small bugs, / Then gather around for a round of group hugs!” Every other page is devoted to dazzling, full-color photography of wild animals, beautiful environments, or children at play. A fun read-aloud storybook, If I Had As Many Grandchildren As You… is highly recommended for grandparents (or any other family member!) and grandchildren to share.”
James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch

“Not a typical children’s book, If I Had as Many Grandchildren as You… offers children an experience exploring with their grandparent. Stewart’s poetic writing gives children a lyrical story that offers comfort when read to them by a loving grandparent. It enhances love of the English language by exposing children to a vocabulary that does not speak down to them but rather draws them into the beautifully painted world that good literature provides….The photographs are amazing!

With the comfort of a grandparent’s lap, the very young will enjoy the adventure. Older grandchildren will understand more of the references. This book needs only a grandparent and child who want to enjoy quality time together, first in the reading, and then possibly in undertaking some of the adventures.”
Angie Mangino, City Book Review

“This book would make a delightful gift for your child or the grandparent in their life. What a gem! Can I just say that I absolutely, positively LOVE the idea of grandparents as ‘memory makers’. What an accurate and touching description. The author does a spectacular job of driving this message home with her easy to read rhymes that roll off the tongue. The book is filled with all the magical things grandparents can do with children….building, hugging, exploring, singing dancing, parades. There are so many lovely ideas from big to small but the real message is that grandparents have the special gift to make children feel special in the little and the big things. This book is just plain lovely. My mother reads this to my children regularly and it is a special book to her and to the kiddos.  I think  If I had as many grandchildren as you… would make a treasure of a gift to the grandparents in your life. I think it would be very touching if, on the inside cover, you had your child make a hand print with finger paint. What a special gift!”
Kristin Jordan, Reviewed by Mom

“…This lively imaginative book is full of whimsy and joy. The story celebrates the extraordinary in a joyful way. It encourages exploration and discovery while supporting sharing and caring. Grandparents can use the suggestions to make special memories with their grandchildren, and teach them about the world and themselves.”
Lyda Whiting, Awareness Magazine

“If I had as Many Grandchildren as You… by Lori Stewart is a great gift for grandparents to give to their grandchildren with his lively, warm-hearted verse that offers an optimistic message illustrated by excellent photography. It is written for children looking for some adventuresome fun and for grandparents finding their special role as makers of memories, as it sparks imagination and creativity. ”
Alan Caruba, Bookviews

“If I had as many grandchildren as you… by Lori Stewart takes a gaggle of grandchildren on a journey of discovery, looking for adventuresome fun. She tells her story in verse, in 41 color photographs, inspiring children to dream and discover that place where they learn about caring and sharing. This picture book is the ideal gift for grandparents you know, who can share it with children three years and older.” – Elinor Nuxoll, NW Boomer & Senior News 

“…We also found a great Grandparents Book that you could give as a gift! It is called If I had as many grandparents as you by Lori Stewart. It ‘is an inventive, eye-catching picture book written for grandparents to enjoy with their grandchildren. It gives advice in rhyme that sparks the imagination on places to go, wonders to see, lessons to teach and fanciful uplifting things to do with grandchildren.’ The dedication says, ‘For Grandparents everywhere, for you are the memory makers.’ That just made my heart melt! I had Cody ‘write’ a little note to them on this page :) It is an adorable read and it rhymes so the kids love it! ” 
Jennie and Kim, Surviving Motherhood,

“After talking with a friend who has eleven grandchildren–all living nearby, Lori Stewart starting thinking about what would happen if she had a gaggle of grandchildren–and they all descended upon her at once. The result is If I had as many grandchildren as you…

If I had as many grandchildren as you… by Lori Stewart is a celebration of Grandparents and Grandchildren. It is a delightful book that goes through a bunch of fun activities to do together. The Sage ‘Grand Paws’ a big Lion gives advice to Grandparents. In a nutshell he advices to do things together, teach and share life skills and adventures together.
Lisa Rupertus,

“Each page features colorful photographs that show the fun that can be had when children and grandchildren spend the day together. I can just imagine them coming up with some new adventures after being inspired by the words and pictures in If I Had as Many Grandchildren as You… I hope you’ll pick up a copy for the grandparents in your life.”
Susan Heim, On Parenting

What kind of fun activities can you imagine that kids and their grandparents might do? Author Lori Stewart uses highly inventive and catchy rhyme to tell this warm-hearted story that grandparents will enjoy reading aloud to their grandchildren.

In addition, there are 41 luscious, color photographs to illustrate what Grand Paws says. If I Had as Many Grandchildren as You … would make a perfect gift for children to give to their grandparents, and for anyone to give to somebody who is or is about to become a grandparent.”
Wayne S. Walker, Book Reviewer, Home School Blogger

“Did you know Grandparents day is September 9th this year? Last year it almost slipped up on me, so I hope to be more prepared this time around! If you are looking for something cute and creative to give a grandparent in your life… Look no more: If I Had As Many Grandchildren As You … is the perfect gift idea! This book is full of adventure and color and sure to be a treat for the grandparent reading it and the kid listening! …I loved how each page features a wonderful adventure, feeding into the next journey, with the opposite page showing bright and fun photographs! I cannot lie, as I read it, I was itching to go on a journey as well…No matter if it was a real one or a pretend one made up at home!…We all need to remember that each day is a memory waiting to be made! Why not make some today?!”
—Noelle D., jumpin-beans.blogspot

If I had as many grandchildren as you… is an eye-catching picture book written for grandparents to enjoy with their grandchildren. It gives advice in rhyme on places to go, wonders to see, lessons to teach and fanciful uplifting things to do with grandchildren. It is easy enough for my 8 year old to read herself; yet, a good enough story to keep my 5 year old engaged with it. The sing-songness of the story really captives everyone!

As much as my kids enjoyed it, this is a great book for grandparents. I can definitely see this being a great gift for grandparents come Christmas or Mothers/Fathers Day. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself.”
Lisa Martin, Lisa Reviews

“The book is a great read for grandparents, or it would be a wonderful gift for new grandparents and I highly recommend it.”
Teresa Bell Kindred,

“This is a beautiful book of rhyming, photographs, and numerous ideas of how grandparents can spend special time with their grandchildren. Most of the ideas are so easy to plan: build things, picnics, create using all kinds of materials, play outdoor games, pray, read, fish, hug, sing, dance, etc. To me the biggest message is to spend that precious time with them while they are young and make memories that will last for a lifetime.

With my own grandchildren I take photos of our playtime and then make a photo book for them to enjoy and recall our time together. This book is a springboard from which you, as the grandparent, can plan extraordinary days with your precious grandchildren.”

“Nowadays, grandparents need to step up to the plate and read as often as they can to their own grandchildren or young children at every opportunity they get. In Lori Stewart’s book, If I Had As Many Grandchildren As You…, this idea of reading to grandchildren makes it not only fun but also interesting and educational….In the end, all the children would learn that life is for sharing with each other, and that sharing can be taught and enjoyed by a grandparent….This book is a perfect bookshelf keeper for all grandparents’ homes that will create memory after memory.”
Conny Crisalli, Connywithay